Android: How to add 3rd party external Jar to Android Project in IntelliJ IDEA 12

I just wanted to add ormlite libraries to my android project, that libraries are ormlite-android-4.9.jar and ormlite-core-4.9.jar so I copied and pasted it directly to the libs folder, but unfortunately it were not detected automatically by IntelliJ IDEA 12, to resolve this problem just try this following short tutorial :

  1. Right click to the project name.
  2. Click “Open Module Settings”.
  3. Click “Libraries”
  4. Click + on the top ow window.
  5. Chose Java.
  6. Then new window with message “Select library Files” will appear.
  7. Browse the folder list and go to libs folder then select your wanted library (mine are ormlite-android-4.9.jar and ormlite-core-4.9.jar) click ok.
  8. Finish, let check and make sure it’s work now.

Good luck



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