Eclipse ( Luna ) XDebug configuration

Eclipse + XDebug configuration
Run Server

3-Eclipse(window-preferences-php-servers) 4-Edit-php-server 5-Config-Run-configuration 6-config-Run-configuration-window-open 7-makesure-server-debugger-is-xdebug 8-exdebug-configuration 9-Run-from-eclipse-test 10-finally-app-run-inside-eclipse-browser 11-debug-configuration 12-debug-configuration 13-debug-configuration-1 14-debug-configuration-2 15-set-breakpoints 16-run-debugger 17-confirm-debug-perspectif-ok 19-debug-perspectif-opened


2 thoughts on “Eclipse ( Luna ) XDebug configuration

    1. actually I use netbeans for my own PHP project, but now company where I work ask me to use Eclipse Luna 🙂 . I enjoy both eclipse and netbeans, netbeans is easier to use but consume a lot of memory, eclipse consume lower memory but I think harder to configure, but so far both of them are enjoyable 🙂

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