Google Chrome VirtualBox Mouse not Behave correctly


  • Hovering over a link does not display the link in the bottom corner as it used to, nor does the mouse icon change to a hand;
  • If the mouse pointer is over an image link, the mouse does not change to a hand, however if I force the display to update (such as by using the scroll-wheel) the pointer icon changes to the appropriate hand. If I subsequently move the mouse off the link the pointer remains the hand until I force a redraw again, such as by scrolling some more or moving the mouse off the Chrome window;
  • Click-and-drag does not highlight text, though double-clicking does, and a subsequent shift-click extends the highlight as expected;
  • If there is a scroll-bar on the right side, I am unable to click-and-drag the slider, but I am able to click below/above the slider and the display moves by a page length as expected;
  • If Chrome is not maximized, if I move my cursor at a normal speed INTO the Chrome window, the mouse point often remains that of the “drag-edge” icon (arrow with bar under Ubuntu, what is double-sided arrow in Windows). If I move fast enough it doesn’t change. If I click somewhere inside the Chrome window, it reverts to “normal”;
  • Moving the mouse over the toolbar buttons does not “highlight” the button, which is the usual hint as to which button is under the mouse. What is odd is that using the scroll-wheel while over a button triggers the appropriate highlighting, even though the window is not scrolled (not that it is supposed to scroll when the pointer is over the buttons);

here is the solution :

setting->system->motherboard->pointing device (choose : ps/2 mouse)



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