Using Switch Case on Laravel 5 Blade

In this post I will show you about how to add Switch Case to Laravel 5.x blade template engine.

Source: Link

On app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php do following steps:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Blade;

On function function boot() add following line:

// Switch case directive
Blade::extend(function($value, $compiler){
    $value = preg_replace('/(\s*)@switch\((.*)\)(?=\s)/', '$1<?php switch($2):', $value);     $value = preg_replace('/(\s*)@endswitch(?=\s)/', '$1endswitch; ?>', $value);
    $value = preg_replace('/(\s*)@case\((.*)\)(?=\s)/', '$1case $2: ?>', $value);
    $value = preg_replace('/(?<=\s)@default(?=\s)/', 'default: ?>', $value);
    $value = preg_replace('/(?<=\s)@breakswitch(?=\s)/', '<?php break;', $value);
    return $value;

And now you can use following blade notation to make switch case condition.


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